Monday, 6 August 2012


Here we are online! As a sort of celebration for reaching past my 10th epsiode, I've decided to just take the plunge and jump on the donation train. After encouragement from a few loyal fans (whom I dearly love) it seemed like the right thing to do! Of course, the content, quality and format of the podcast won't change, the only difference is that now, if you really want to donate to my cause (that of providing a historical podcast for you each week) then you can.
Other than that, since I'm quite busy elsewhere I probably won't update this blog very much, so I'll be mainly using it as a donation facility. The Facebook page is where you should head for all the additional info on the weekly episode, plus to keep updated on the weekly struggles I go through when releasing it!
So thanks, for everyone who has supported by following BEFIT so far, it really has made a big difference, the next step though, is donations!
Wish me luck, and thanks a million history friends

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