Tuesday, 20 August 2013

WDF 25.0 Bibliography & More

History friends! I know we were a bit late, but as usual I have a really uninteresting techhy reason for the lateness; basically my lappy had to ruin itself on me. Currently I'm still installing the insane number of updates required by windows, though I thankfully backed up everything before I wiped the hard drive. Once again I was driven mad by technology, and the whole laptop episode probably set me back about 3 days podcast work. But there you go, my luck is bad, and yet the podcast is hopefully up to your standards! 

I added some extra music this time around, I hope you enjoy it! Expect the next installment of WDF 25 in about a week. I am genuinely TRYING to churn these bad boys out, so that they reach you freshly and well within a reasonable time!

Anyways, here be the bibliography for the episode! Thanksssss.

Peter Padfield, Armada (Victor Gollancz LTD; 1988).
Vincent J. Pitts, Henri IV of France: His Reign and Age (JHU Press; 2012).
Geoffrey Parker, Europe in Crisis 1598-1648 (Fontanna Press; 1990).
Edward Barton and Edwin Pears, “The Spanish Armada and the Ottoman Porte”, The English Historical Review, Vol. 8, No. 31 (Jul., 1993), pp. 439-466.
Matthew Dimmock, New Turks: Dramatizing Islam and the Ottomans in Early Modern England (Ashgate Publishing; 2005).
Hiram Morgan, Tyrone's Rebellion: The Outbreak of the Nine Years War in Tudor Ireland (Boydell Press; 1999).

Brendan Fitzpatrick, Seventeenth-century Ireland: The War of Religions (Rowman and Littlefield; 1989).

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