Monday, 23 September 2013

WDF 25.2 Bibliography and more

Hi history friends, I know it's been a really long time coming, over three weeks in fact, but at last the third part of the special on the 30 years war is your to listen to, and here's a few reasons why it took so flaming long.

College: as you've seen from the previous post, college is back up and running, which means I have more work to do (5 4,000 word essays...) and less time to pod
Work: As in a certain coffee shop beginning with C and ending with O. This takes a lot of my time, but on the bright side I should be working there less soon since I'm back to college.
GTA 5: Ok that's not even true, since I haven't been able to play this game nearly as much as I'd like, but still, the temptation to procrastinate is strong with this one.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is, in order to churn out the quality of product I want to churn out, a little more time will have to be taken. That's not to say I want to spend 3 weeks every time, in fact I'm aiming for 2 podcasts a month, which I figure is good work considering I'm in my 3rd and most heavy work year of college. Anyway, because I have a lot on my plate, I'd like to remind you that your support REALLY IS IMPORTANT. Keep BE-ing FIT, because you can never do that too much!

The two sources I used for this episode will reappear next time and likely all over this special, simply because they are so good, so check 'em out if you can.

·         Peter H. Wilson, Europe’s Tragedy; A History of the Thirty Years War (Penguin Group Publishing).
·         Geoffrey Parker, Europe In Crisis; 1598-1648 (Blackwell Publishers Ltd.)

Well, that's about all I have to say, I better get back to college work (ahem, GTA 5....)


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