Sunday, 5 March 2017

WDF's Blog Has Moved! Go And Join The Party Elsewhere!

Hello history friend, and thanks for visiting this blog - unfortunately, we have lost our sovereignty and have since become a vassal state of the main website for the podcast, which of course you can find in the address by clicking here!

The new blog is called The Vassal State, and will essentially centralise everything to do with When Diplomacy Fails Podcast by putting all our stuff in one place, so I hope you'll look longingly back into the distance at this blog, and maybe read over some old posts, but then come and join us in pastures anew.

All being well, the new blog should serve as the place to be for the podcast, and should help ensure that WDF is not merely the place where the pen fails and the sword prevails, but that it is the place where history thrives!

See you there! :D


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