Monday, 17 June 2013

WDF 22: The Dutch Revolt, Bibliography

Hello history friends! Here's the bibliography for WDF 22

>Graham Darby (Ed), The Origins and Development of the Dutch Revolt (2001: Routledge).
>Geoffrey Parker, The World Is Not Enough: The Imperial Vision of Philip II of Spain (2001: Baylor University Press).
>Richard Vaughan, Philip the Bold: the formation of the Burgundian state (2002: The Boydell Press).
>Martin van Gelderen, The Dutch Revolt (1993: Cambridge University Press).
>Abraham Van de Velde, THE WONDERS OF THE MOST HIGH (A 125 YEAR HISTORY OF THE >UNITED NETHERLANDS 1550-1675), available:
>Yolanda Rodríguez Pérez, The Dutch Revolt Through Spanish Eyes: Self and Other in Historical and Literary Texts of Golden Age Spain (c. 1548-1673) (2008: Peter Land Publishing).
>Roland E Miller, Muslims and the Gospel: Bridging the Gap: a Reflection on Christian Sharing (2005: Kirk House Publishers).

>John Lothrop Motley, History of United Netherlands 1586 to 1589 (2004: Kessinger Publishing).

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