Saturday, 8 June 2013

WDF 22: The Dutch Revolt To Come

When the Seventeen United Provinces of the Netherlands began their revolt against Spanish rule, few could have anticipated either their success or the results of their success. Facing down the largest, richest and most militaristically powerful empire in the world, Dutch romanticists believed in a form of rule that was fair; with a taxation system that did not target them and a religious policy that did not target them. Their moves in the mid 1560's sparked a series of chain reactions in international relations and within the balance of European power that ensured Europe itself and the world would never be the same again.

Tune in on Sunday, 16th June for WDF 22: The Dutch Revolt to hear the full story of the prelude to the event, the international implications and the subsequent consequences. Observe below the size of the United Provinces, then imagine it compared to the rest of the Spanish Empire, and you can imagine the difficulty history has in explaining its success. Thankssss!

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